How do I know what care I need?

If you believe there is a care need you are entitled to request a care assessment from your local authority. Each local authority has its own care assessment procedure, which you can read about on their website. 

Usually a care specialist (often an occupational therapist) from the local authority will visit your home and assess individual care needs and discuss them with you. It is often best if a relative or advocate attends this as well so you can make sure you both understand everything. The assessor will then write a report on your care needs, which will explain the type of care needed and how this should be provided (and if there are any specialist needs).

Once this is completed the local authority will decide if you are eligible for any care services by comparing your needs to a set of eligibility criteria (found on their website) for community care services in your area. If you are entitled to care services these will be detailed in your care plan.

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