How is SuperCarers different from a traditional care agency?

SuperCarers provides a technology platform which matches families with trustworthy, compassionate carers in their local community.  As we are not a care agency, we do not provide, direct or manage care. Rather, we provide the tools that will help you easily find and coordinate care directly with your care giver.
We are a disclosed agent for VAT purposes allowing carers to advertise their services through our platform.  All of the carers are self-employed, meaning they are able to choose their own rates, working hours, and clients.
These differences allow us to charge very low commission rates compared to traditional agencies’ overheads, meaning that the majority of what customers pay goes directly to their carer. We believe passionately that carers deserve to be well paid by their clients for the work they do, and that the quality (and consistency) of care provided is greatly enhanced because of this.

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