What should I do if I am not happy with my carer?

Our aim at SuperCarers is to make finding and providing care as positive an experience as possible. We therefore take customer feedback very seriously, and encourage you to let us know your thoughts - both good and bad - at every point through the care seeking process.
If you are unhappy with your carer, then we will always encourage you to address the issues with them directly in the first instance. If, however, you feel the matter is more serious, and that the high standards expected from carers advertising their services via our platform are not being met, then please do get in touch either by email at hello@supercarers.com or by calling us on 020 8629 1030.
If you believe an issue could be a matter of safeguarding concern, then please do let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate actions and minimise risks. If you would like more information on safeguarding, including SuperCarers' Safeguarding Policy, please ask through the contact channels above.

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