How and when do I pay my carer?

All payments for both our commission and the carer’s fees are made through your carer’s account on our website, via a debit or credit card. Payments are processed via our secure third party payment system Stripe, which holds your card details securely and in an encrypted format. We will receive our commission directly and the carers will receive their fee directly from you. We do not hold any card or account details.
Invoices are submitted weekly by your carer for all types of care. All invoices are based on actual work done and not forecasts, as we realise that care needs can and do change at short notice.
Payments are taken automatically the day after your Carer submits their invoice to you. In the event of any query or discrepancy, you are able to query an invoice which will stop or pause any pending payments. If payments have already gone through before you notice any issues then refunds can be made. However we strongly encourage all customers to check their invoices straight away to avoid any delays or difficulties making the required adjustments.
Please note, we will require your payment details on the system before care can begin to ensure carers can be paid promptly.

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